The Tarotappen was drawn up with Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. The design is easily drawn with a lot of white space to be simple and peaceful webapp with retro handdrawn elements and details.


Cafe Koya

The project was created with drawn details in a playful spirit and were inspired by the figure Totoro. The website was built in HTML and CSS. The pictures are drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


The project compared the userproblems of the exeperienced and the unexperienced shopper.
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This high-fidelity prototype was created as a graphic interface for an apple watch to help the target group of ultramarathon runners and the hard situations they are exposed to.

High-fidelity prototype

Login form

This form was created to see the potantial in making high-fidelity prototypes in the end of the designprocess, the prototype is also responsive.

High-fidelity prototype


The infographic was created to explain the situation between the consumption and the climate. The research of the statistic was taken from credible pages and the details was drawn in sketch.

The bad impact of consumption