A project in collaboration with Innovation Stockholm to create a product that motivates the users to eat more sustainable food. The design was created in Figma. The target group was non-vegetarians because it is those that can have the most impact by changing their eating habits from a meat-based to a plant-based diet. The goal of the product was to create a change for non-vegetarians to a more sustainable diet as meat has a very high carbon footprint.


Participatory design is a process with different steps to produce a product based on the user. This was a very interesting method as the users are involved throughout the process, but at the same time the designer has a great responsibility to select the information that is available. The prototype was tested out by some users and changed according to the feedback in a iterative process.

What I learned

In order to see the real problem and reach the target group that needs to motivate a change, it is important not to focus on the first target group you are thinking of but to do research on which target group you really want to reach. In my case, it went from thinking about the target group vegans to switching to carnivores, which is the actual target group that is going to make a change and not those who really know the most about the topic.