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Designer with focus on user experience. Bridging the gap between the user, system design and sustainability. I have a background in health care and great experience in human behaviour. Simplicity and functionality are fundamental pieces in my designs based on human cognition. I currently study interaction design at DSV Stockholm University and I'm also very fond of creating artwork using vector graphics.

Design tools

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma and Sketch.

Programming languages

Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS.


Collaboration is a great way to spread knowledge and increases creativity. I like finding projects where my contributions can have great impact and make a difference. My biggest motivation is to create change and awareness about sustainability in order to also create better products and motivate the user to protect our environment.

”The work of the designer is largely rational, meaning that aesthetic decisions are justified by an understanding of the product’s purpose.”

Dieter Rams

Graphic design

To connect to the user and capture the right feeling, a use of graphic design can be useful. Combining symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas creates a message. Simplicity makes it easier to get through to the user based on their reality and everyday life.


I try to simplify shapes to make it easier for the eye to perceive them. Vector graphics are comprised of paths, which are defined by a start and end point, along with other points, curves, and angles along the way. A path can be a line, a square, a triangle, or a curvy shape. This can make a difference to the impression for the user. The less they have to think about the design, the better.

Love your design

In the end, design is about what message you want to give. To communicate with color and form to bring out the purpose of the message and the feeling the message should convey. To use your intuition as a guideline. How do I feel when I create design and how will it be received.

It can be an advantage to use clean and straight fonts. For me, it's about being true to myself and daring.

Dare to love your own design!