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DESIGNER with focus on user experience. I have a long background in health care and great experience in human behaviour. Nearly five years experience in designing Designsystem, Product Design, Accessability (WCAG 2.2) Webdesign, User Testing, Branding and Agile Teamwork with colleagues worldwide. Skilled in Prototyping, creating wireframes and artwork using vector graphics. I have studied interaction design in the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University.

Design tools

Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, HTML and CSS

Profile picture showing Linn's face
Collage of various UI concepts


Urban delivery company

From urban delivery to valuable e-commerce data. An MVP prototype representing contextual usage from different users of the product connecting the Urban delivery Hub to showcase beneficial data to create useful information for the E-commerce stores.

Screenshot from the Doorothy UI


Budget tool

Creating a design system, webdesign, product design, accessability and mockups for a budget platform where my focus was to reach the requirement from users and communicate the design to the development teams in different parts of the world. Discovery was a big part in the role, in meeting the user's needs as well as the stakeholder's vision

Collage of screenshots from the Doublefin UI


A simple message

To simplify shapes to make it easier for the eye to perceive them. Vector graphics are comprised of paths that can make a difference to the impression for the user. The less they have to think about the design, the better.

Sample vector illustrations showing artwork, a portrait and a city skyline



The project consisted creating different logos and marketing for the company NorthAB where the goal was to use it as a print on products for a hockey team they sponsored. The responsibility was to meet the customer's needs for marketing and also meet the need between the printing company and the user's usage of the different visible logos.

The logo created in the project as well as various merch items with the logo on


To take action

An IOS application to make the younger generation in Sweden more aware about the different regulations in the corona crisis. The design was created to make the user get more aware about the situation and at the same time make the user take action and help.

Collage of screenshots from the project app


Playful spirit

Website and logotype made for Cafe Koya, a coffee shop in Stockholm. The café serves coffee, matcha and Japanese pastries. The design was made with hand drawn details in a playful spirit.

The logo created for Cafe Koya


To make a change

A project in collaboration with Innovation Stockholm to create a product that motivates the users to eat more sustainable food. The design was created in Figma. The target group was non-vegetarians because it is those that can have the most impact by changing their eating habits from a meat-based to a plant-based diet. The goal of the product was to create a change for non-vegetarians to a more sustainable diet as meat has a very high carbon footprint.

A phone displaying the Eatgreener app on top of a wallpaper


To do something fun

An iOS application made for users who want to have fun and foretell the future. The design was created using Sketch and reflects playfulness and freedom, with features like swiping to turn each card to mimic a real life tarot reading.

Collage of screenshots from the project app


Run and be safe

An apple watch app to help the target group of ultra marathon runners and the hard situations they are exposed to. The most important parts in this product are to get the runner home safe, to remind them of meals, salt and water, based on their body weight.

Collage of screenshots from the project app