An iOS application made for users who want to have fun and foretell the future. The design was created using Sketch and reflects playfulness and freedom, with features like swiping to turn each card to mimic a real life tarot reading.


I wanted to make the reading of a card easier for the user and to have fun. Simple design rather than the more mysterious and heavy ones traditionally used with tarot. To get closer to the user rather than distancing them, and to make the user more in control.

What I learned

In order to create an app that maintains an ethical dimension, as a designer, you need to consider all the different scenarios a user can end up in, even when the scenarios can feel daunting, it is important not to avoid them. To make the app as ethical as possible, I went through scenarios like if the person had negative thoughts about themselves and their life or scenarios of crisis and revenge. Since the user's focus here is on images and text, the text has been written to push for a more positive interpretation and to make the user think of opportunities rather than negativity.