An apple watch app to help the target group of ultra marathon runners and the hard situations they are exposed to. The protorype was created in HTML, CSS and Javascript. The most important parts in this product are to get the runner home safe, to remind them of meals, salt and water based on their body weight. There's also information on finding food, how to contact medical care, guidance to finish the race and weather reports.


In the design process of creating Ultrafree, it started with an idea to solve the problems of an ultra marathon runner and then the prototype was created in Sketch. I started by picking a color palette, then the focus was on creating the prototype with an aim for simplicity and clarity by using simple buttons that don’t take up too much space. The prototype was then tested, to make sure that the user understood the interface. After gathering feedback, changes were made in an iterative process.

Video Prototype

The video prototype was created to show the design situation, and the role the ultrafree product would have for the user group. This prototype was created at an early stage in the process.

What I learned

In urgent situations, context is even more important. To see the problem the user has, it is important to be in the same situation the user can find themselves in. When it comes to emergencies, it is even more essential to share the context of the end user to make the best product possible.